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Welcome to the first step in the Our Moral Imperative approach to white anti-racism. Your interest and willingness to center this work in your life is powerful and encouraging. The imperative of dismantling systemic racism and breaking cycles of generational racism cannot be underestimated. A self-reflective, racially aware, micro and macro action oriented white community is needed for long term, permanent change. 

The purpose of this orientation experience is to:

  • Introduce best practices for normalizing conversations around race in all of the spaces that you occupy.

  • Get a baseline for your understanding of the role of white people in addressing racism. 

  • Prepare you for our 7 week course so that you can get the most out of the experience.


                                                 Complete the orientation BEFORE registering.


NOTE: The orientation content can only be accessed on a desktop or tablet. 


Self paced slides with downloadable PDFs.

Content Overview: Focuses on best practices for encouraging ongoing meaningful conversations that lead to micro and macro actions that lead to change.

30 min Video with response links and timed activities.

Content Overview: Focuses on practicing self-reflection, centers white people in their work towards dismantling racism and is led by the course creator, Adalia.

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